February 24 Deans letter

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Dear Parents,
Mishpotim is an important parshah that deals with many concepts bein odom lachaveiro, interpersonal issues, which help us to reflect on how we can impact each other with acts of kindness.
A story is told of a wealthy man who had just purchased an expensive vehicle. As he approached the nearest grocery to pick up some food, he could not help but notice a poor child marveling at his beautiful new car. The child asked him how he was able to afford such a car and was told that it was a gift from the man’s brother. He then asked the boy if he wanted to take a spin, realizing that most likely he wanted to show off to his friends that he had gotten a ride in such an opulent car. The boy was overjoyed and delightedly agreed, giving the man his address. When he arrived, he asked the man to wait a minute while he went inside. A minute later, he returned holding his younger brother, who suffered from polio. When the sick child saw the car, the older boy said to him, “One day, when your brother has some money, he will buy you a car so it will be easier to get around.”
The question is an obvious one: would you rather be the one on the taking side or the one who wanted to give the car to his polio-stricken brother?
In a school setting, we interact with parents and children on a daily basis; all our interactions should be within the prism of how can we help others, ease their burden, and assist them with getting their children the best education possible. On occasion, our communication is not perfect and there may arise concerns and challenges with regard to policy or other school-related concerns. We must realize that challenges are actually all opportunities to meet and share our concerns, and to work together to find amicable solutions to these problems. The administration reminds all parents that our open-door policy invites parents to get involved and to partner with us in an effort to continue to better the school and the services that we offer.
One area of partnership is that of the financial success of the school. To that end, we turn to all our parents and friends regularly, asking them to support the school by purchasing and selling raffles to family and friends. Every year, the school holds its annual raffle campaign and, aside from the tremendous support that it offers the school, it also represents an excellent opportunity to win some great prizes. The odds of winning are excellent. Please solicit and purchase your last-minute raffle tickets that will help this fundraiser to be successful. Remember that all tickets purchased or sold offer you a 100 percent credit to your family fundraising obligation.
As Rosh Chodesh Adar approaches, we wish all our parents a happy month of Adar, and an amazing upcoming celebration of Purim!
Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman

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