Deans letter Ki Savo

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Dear Parents,
This past Friday was an exhilarating day for me at school. It was a warm day and the first that air conditioning was needed in the classrooms. Over the course of the day several students came to my office with big smiles on their faces and thanked the school for the now cooled rooms.
This week we kicked off the Amudim fundraising event, our largest and most crucial event of the year. While the amount for the installation of the heating and air conditioning equipment is close to being raised, the monthly operation costs will rise significantly now that we are providing air conditioning to our classrooms. We are therefore turning to all our parents and asking you to please step up your Amudim fundraising efforts so that we can raise the additional funds needed to cover these air conditioning expenses. If every parent sold or purchased a minimum of $1,000 of ads, our journal would meet these expectations. Many say, “I am not a fundraiser.” But let me share with you that fundraising is not easy and fun – even for someone whose responsibility is to fundraise – but it is a necessity for us. I am certain that if every family asked their physician, dentist, lawyer, handyman, plumber, electrician, relatives, grandparents, and friends, they would easily achieve this goal. Most of these prospective donors enjoy supporting the private sector and even a few small ads come to a substantial dollar value. I thank you in advance for all your efforts in making sure that we can provide the air comfort needed for an enhanced learning environment. Please remember that any ads sold are credited 100 percent toward your Family Fundraising Obligation, and that teacher recognition ads honoring only teachers (not honorees) and ads in honor of a graduate are sold at a significantly discounted rate. Please place your personal ads and begin soliciting as soon as possible.
On Shabbos a group of families sponsored a Kiddush in honor of Chani Benjaminson, Felicia Haas, and the entire PTF for all their hard work and efforts in raising funds and in ensuring that the new playground with facilities to accommodate all ages was installed on a volunteer basis. While many hours of work went into the purchase and installation of the equipment, the real stars are the parents who volunteer and support the PTF and its activities. The PTF has had numerous but similar volunteers for many years and they must expand so that their volunteer base does not burn out. To this end, they are seeking parents or friends to step forward and take a leadership role. Please remember that every dollar raised goes directly to student activities or major projects such as the playground. Without additional volunteers the PTF will be unable to fulfill its mission. Please contact Mrs. Benjaminson, Mrs. Haas, Ms. Minkin, Mrs. Scheinerman, or Mrs. Golden if you are willing to join and/or to play a leadership role. We would like to strengthen the PTF this summer so that we can provide quality activities for our students.
In our continued commitment to academic excellence, we thank Rabbi Dr. David Jacobson, who provided academic support and a most enriching professional development plan for our high-school staff. The many strategies that he taught truly enriched our teachers with the most modern research-based methodology. Dr. Jacobson is the dean of Touro College in Los Angeles and we are thankful that we could have the benefit of a person of his stature and qualifications. In an equivalent manner, the school will be well represented at the annual Torah Umesorah convention with teachers and administrators who will benefit from this annual mega convention attended by over a thousand people. The beauty of the convention is that the sessions are research based and feature some of the finest presenters, while giving us all a spiritual injection and boost as we hear insights from the rabbinical leadership of our times. We are pleased that both Rabbi Jacobson’s visits as well as attendance at conventions and professional development is covered by our State and Federal funds.
We look forward to a phenomenal close to our school year.
Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman