A Message from Rabbi Gidon Goldberg, Head of School

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Aharon's lighting the menorah in the mishkan is the title of this week's parsha. Rashi explains the Torah found it necessary to tell us ויעש כן אהרון “Aharon did so” in order to praise Aharon that he did not change from the command of HaShem.

However, the Sfas Emes points out that Aharon’s greatness was more than just following instructions. I reminisced recently a class about what the first day of school was like. We discussed about how excited they were, how they brought new knapsacks, pencils, etc. and how they were ready to make every day count. We contrasted this with the way that Aharon felt upon lighting the menorah for the first time. The difference is that Aharon felt this way every time he lit the Menorah. He felt the same enthusiasm as on the first day. So too, we need to capture that feeling we had on the first day of school and continue that until the very last day!

There is always a special excitement in starting something new. But, after doing the same thing over and over, human nature is to get bored and often give up in the middle. We know that the more enthusiastic one is, the more motivated one will be to continue. We need, in learning Torah and doing mitzvos, to capture this enthusiasm and make it part of our, and our children’s approach to Avodas HaShem.

As we send the talmidim/os off to their summer vacation, I would like you to keep this thought in mind. T’filah and Limud Hatorah are an integral part of our lives. As you remind and encourage your children to daven every morning and to set aside time every day to review Chumash, or to learn something new in the Torah, try to emulate Aharons’s enthusiasm rather that make it, chas v’shalom, a heavy burden.

During this year at PHDS, I have seen your children blossom into confident and capable talmidim. May they continue to grow ‘בדרך ה and always be a source of pride to כלל ישראל. Have a wonderful summer.

Gut Shabbos,
Rabbi Gidon Goldberg
Head of School